Stern Rubber was recently notified that they won 2 supplier awards from Polaris Industries for 2016.
The first award was for Quality.  Polaris’ suppliers are evaluated in terms of their reject PPM rates to Polaris.  They give letter grades based on this PPM.  Suppliers have to have a PPM of under 100 to get an A grade and an award for the year.  A supplier gets a B grade for a PPM of 101 to 300.  A PPM of 301 to 500 gets the supplier a C grade.  A PPM of 501 to 1000 get the supplier a grade of D and get put on Quality Alert.  And any supplier with a PPM of greater than 1000 get an F grade.
Stern Rubber ended 2016 with a PPM of 96.  This is the 3rd year in a row with a PPM of under 100.
The second award was for delivery.  Polaris delivery measurement is a percentages of receipts without a delivery discrepancy report being written.  Polaris awards a grade letter of A for greater than 99.5%.  A B grade is given for 97.5% to 99.4%.  A C is given for 95.5% to 97.4%.  A D is given for 93% to 95.4%.  And an F is given for less than 93%.
Stern Rubber ended 2016 with a delivery of 99.9%.  This is the 4th year with a delivery rating of 99.9% or higher.
Last week, the company grilled lunch to thank their employees for their hard work and to congratulate them for the awards.