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Masticated Rubber

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The Mastication of Rubber
Masticated Rubber is a rubber compound made of reclaimed/ recycled natural or synthetic rubber.  The term masticated rubber has come to mean a mixture of recycled rubber and fiber.
Uses for Masticated Rubber
Masticated rubber is a good choice for applications where superior hardness, tensile strength, and durability are required.  Due to the synthetic fiber cords, the material has high compressive strength, resistance to wear and tear, durability, and resistance to ozone and weathering.  Masticated rubber is extremely tough and durable, and is used in mining, railroad and trucking applications.
The masticated rubber that Stern Rubber uses is made from pre-consumer waste from tire manufacturers.  Our supplier purchases this uncured material, and re-mills it with nylon fiber to our specifications.
Because masticated is made from recycled materials, one of its greatest advantages is that it has a very economical cost.  Masticated rubber often costs less than 25% of the cost of virgin Natural, SBR or EPDM rubber.
Some of the applications for masticated rubber are automotive baffles, lawn mower chutes, air dams, mud guards, mud flaps, agricultural cab mats, and grain deflectors.
If you have an application that you think may be a good fit for masticated rubber, contact us at or at 218-894-3898, or fill out our quote request sheet at