Waterworks is at the heart of Stern Rubber Company. With nearly five decades of producing components for this industry, it would not surprise us if your home or life is serviced by our molded parts. Our production team over molds ductile iron castings, gaskets, and other components for several key water valve OEM’s in key support of valve assemblies small and large.

Powersports and OHV

The top brand names in powersports rely on Stern Rubber Company for their most challenging engineered rubber products. From material selection to design assistance, our teams in Staples, Minnesota and engineering and testing facilities in Troy, Michigan, are relied upon to support their high- performance vehicles. Give us a call today for high quality technical assistance as well as your production needs.


Rubber’s versatility makes it great for many applications. It would be hard to list them all. Stern Rubber Company supports products from gas metering to power generators. Much of industry utilizes rubber in their products and we are proud to support a wide variety of industrial applications with our services.


If you ever get a chance to look at the many agricultural items at you County Fair, take notice of the many rubber components that exist. Stern Rubber Company supports the agricultural marketplace with equipment ranging from beats to carrots. We are a proud partner of the agricultural effort in the United States marketplace.


Different substrates of products in various sizes are sifted and sorted in the mining process. These products go through many aspects of material handling where the advantage of rubber is used in support of wear resistance. Stern Rubber Company supports the industry of mining with various wear items used throughout the mine.