Barry has been with Stern Rubber for 16 1/2 years.  He worked for 14 years as the Maintenance Manager, and then, 2 ½ years ago he moved to the sales team.  He is married to Sharon and they have 3 children together: Emily 20, Addison and Larken 16.  Barry and his family live here in Staples, MN.
Barry is a big kid at heart, with a passion for dirt bike racing.  Since he was just a young boy, he always wanted a dirt bike.  But, his parents forbid it, as they felt it was far too dangerous.  In 2014, at the age of 45, and his girls grown up, he decided it was time to live his dream, and so he went out and bought his first dirt bike.
Barry and a friend decided one day to try out, and they did a hare scramble (off road endurance) race.  Well, he finished last, and he was not happy with that.  He was determined to be faster and better, so with a lot of riding and practice, in the 2nd year he finished 2nd place in one of the events and finished 3rd overall in point standings.  2017 is his 3rd year, and in his first race of the season, he finished in 1st place!
We are very proud and excited for his great accomplishment, and look forward to watching him continue to grow in the enduro racing world and here at Stern Rubber.  Good job Barry!