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Stern Rubber Improves Facility

Posted by admin on April 20, 2016

Lunchroom 1.jpgEven with our recent addition here at Stern last February, we are constantly working to expand and improve our facility for our employees, and to fit our needs.  In the last few weeks, we have been putting some time into renovating our old offices into a new lunch area, as well as adding a new training room.

Following our expansion in February, we moved everything from our old offices into the new facility.  With this space now available, our team here at Stern decided to take this empty space and turn it into a new lunch room.  The old lunch room, which was located near the middle of the plant was fairly dark and noisy, and wasn’t really an inviting place for our employees to enjoy their break.  The new area in the old offices offers a much more appealing space.  The process of making the old offices suitable for a lunch room took some time, but with some help from the guys from Giza plumbing and Heating and Japke Decorating and Carpet, the lunch area turned out great.   We added new flooring, fresh paint, as well as new doors and trim.  Best of all, the new area has several windows that brighten up, and make the room much nicer than our previous space.

Along with this much needed renovation, we also Training room 1.jpgfinished a room in the new building that will now be used as our employee training and meeting facility.  Here at Stern, our employees are constantly going through many different types of training, from new employee orientation to annual OSHA regulations and much more.  This new space, features some great technology, and is capable of holding nearly all of our employees at one time, which allows us to speed up the training process while making sure everyone is able to retain the same information.  This space is also large enough to hold our employee meetings.

Here at Stern, we are constantly striving to improve our facility to improve efficiency, increase employee morale and knowledge, and most of all improve our final product for our customer.   

Logan Jackson
Stern Rubber Company
Freelance Marketing Assistant
Staples, Minnesota