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Stern Rubber Goes Platinum with Arctic Cat

Posted by Bob on May 19, 2016

Award 1.jpgOne of our largest customers here at Stern Rubber is the recreational vehicle manufacturer, Arctic Cat.  Best known for their snowmobiles, ATV’s and Side X Sides, many don’t realize that some of the parts on their machines come from our plant here in Staples.  Although many Arctic Cat users don’t connect the dots between their machines and Stern Rubber, Arctic Cat definitely does.

At this year’s Supplier Conference, Stern Rubber received the Platinum Status Award for 2015 for our great job in several categories.  The first category we excelled in was the amount of our product that was rejected by Arctic Cat in the 2015 year.  Arctic Cat uses a PPM (parts per million) scale to track rejected parts, and of the millions of parts we send them every year, only 0.07% (727 per 1 million) was rejected.

Of the 0.07% that was rejected, these wereLogo.jpg from only 3 shipments over a whole year that had a notice of rejection written.  There were 2 corrective action reports written, and there are not current correction action requests.

Yet, the score that all of us here at Stern were most proud of, and always strive for, was the delivery compliance.  Our on time delivery score was 100%.  This means that our orders were always on time, and contained exactly what Arctic Cat had requested.  All of these ATV.jpgcategories combined, added up to our team here at Stern being awarded with the Platinum Status Award for 2015.

Although we were given this great recognition from Arctic Cat, our team here at Stern, continuously strives to do even better, by working to ensure on time delivery, top quality products, and great customer service.  Stern Rubber constantly focuses on building strong, lasting relationships with all of our customers, while working hard to meet their needs, at the best price possible. 

Logan Jackson
Stern Rubber Company
Freelance Marketing Assistant
Staples, Minnesota