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Stern Rubber Company Builds New Addition

Posted by admin on December 24, 2014

Our long anticipated building addition is almost complete!  We are adding much needed production and warehouse space, as well as new offices.  This addition has been planned for 10+ years, and is finally coming to fruition!

Breaking ground and laying the foundation for our building expansion.The new production space is going to allow us to take the final step in improving our material flow.  Moving into a portion of the new space is our deflashing and trimming/ inspection departments.

These departments are the last steps in our process, but are currently located in the “middle” of the molding department, as our plant has grown up around them.  This move puts them at the “end” of the process, near shipping.  This new location will also work well with future additions.

The new trimming/ inspection area will be twice as large as their current space, which will allow them to bring in full pallets or Gaylord’s of product, which will improve their efficiency. 

The addition takes shape, snow notwithstanding.

The new deflashing area will have more room for staging product, which is what they desperately needed.  We are also doubling the space for our warehouse, shipping and receiving. 

The space that is be vacated by deflashing will leave room for two more injection presses.

Several other support departments will also be moving.  Our QA dept. will be moving into the old trimming department.  This will more than double their space, which they desperately need, as we have added additional measurement equipment over the last couple of years.  Once QA moves, the Technical Dept. will move into that area, which will give them additional space.  We will be looking to add staff to both of these departments in the coming year, so they will both be needing more room.

Offices and warehouse space mean increased capacity.

We are also adding office space to get our administrative staff back in one location.  Currently, the Sales and 

Customer Service staff are located in our second building down the street.  This means that every time a meeting is held, staff is driving back and forth between buildings.  It will be extremely more efficient to be able to walk across the hall, instead of driving down the street!

The new office is two stories with 2,200 square feet on each floor.  It includes 15 offices plus a reception area, and two large conference rooms.

Can’t wait to move in!