Although Polaris decided to end the Victory line in 2017, the iconic  style of these machines will not vanish forever.  As Polaris begins to pour their focus on bikes into Indian, they are not going to lose the iconic body style that came with the Victory line.
Launching two new touring models for the Indian line in 2017, including the Chieftain Limited and the Chieftain Elite, boasting all the tradition and ambiance of an Indian, with the style and flare of the Victory.  This merger of two models presents Indian with an evolutionary opportunity to take them from classic looking machines to the stunning touring bikes of today.
The Chieftain features Indian’s new massive Thunder Stroke 111-cubic inch engine, and custom in dash infotainment center, that includes navigation, and many other unique technology features.  All of this, paired with lots of chrome, large curved rear fenders, exposed 19 inch contrast cut aluminum wheels, and stylishly painted graphics, adds the original Victory flare to an already iconic brand.
These subtle yet stylish changes, bring a fresh feel to the already stunning designs within the Indian line.  The two new Chieftains brings Indian’s 2017 model total up to 12, showing that Polaris is moving aggressively in the right direction with this transition from Victory to Indian.  Riders and bike fanatics are all curious to see what Polaris does next, as it continues to grow the Indian brand.