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Mountain Biking in the Brainerd Area

Posted by admin on February 25, 2016


Riding Across the Region

Cuyuna Lakes Trail.jpg

The Brainerd Lakes Area is the home of beautiful lakes, great fishing, Cuyuna.jpgworld class resorts, stellar golf courses, and most recently, some of the best mountain biking in the country. The Cuyuna area, located between Crosby and Riverton Minnesota, about 20 miles from Stern Rubber’s Aitkin facility, recently altered their rugged landscape, into a top notch mountain biking location.

Cuyuna 4.jpgThe Cuyuna region, in the Crosby/Ironton area, has become the mountain bike destination of Minnesota.  The recently built trail system, spans over 800 acres of beautiful northern Minnesota forest. The trails are designed to fit any rider, from beginner to expert.  The Cuyuna system is 25 miles of well-marked, and strategically laid out trails that carve through the lakes area, enhanced by the deep red soil, large birch and aspen trees, and overlooks some of the rich mining history, that once thrived in the area.  Along with the mountain biking, the trail system also offers a 6.5 mile paved trail, that connects Crosby to Riverton, and from there travels to join with the Paul Bunyan trail system, spanning across the Brained Lakes area.

Along with the trail’s rich beauty, it also has Cuyuna 3.jpgsome other appealing features.  The Cuyuna Lakes Ride Center is the only International Mountain Bicycling Association center in Minnesota and there is only one other comparable destination in the Midwest.  Along with that, the Cuyuna trail system is one of only eleven ride centers in the world.  The trail system offers a challenge for all riders, ranging from easy, to extremely difficult.  

Cuyuna winter 5.jpgAlthough the trails are most popular in the spring and summer, the system is also open in the winter, and offers 40 miles of packed trails, along with 20 miles of groomed trails for fat biking, and offers an amazing experience for the rider.  The fun does not stop their either, as the Cuyuna system also puts together many sponsored rides, and weekly groups for riders of all ages, and experience to get out, and enjoy the trails and scenery together.

So no matter the time of year, if you’re ever in Stern Rubbers back yard, check out the biking trails in the Cuyuna lakes area, and experience an adventure you’ll never forget. 

Logan Jackson
Stern Rubber Company
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