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Meet Our New HR Coordinator: Rick Soder

Posted by Bob on June 2, 2016

Rick was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and grew up in Rick.jpgseveral different places including, California and Washington.  Although Rick spent his time all over the country, he returned to Minnesota and graduated from Staples/Motley high school.  After graduating, Rick joined the US Army, and from December of 1995 to December of 1999, he was deployed on active duty.  He later became the assistant HR manager for battalion S-14, Specialist E-4 Promotable, as well as a Corporal in the National Guard.  Along with his time in the military, Rick also expanded his knowledge at Rasmussen College in St Cloud, MN.

Rick is one of our newest team members here at Stern, and has joined the team as the new HR coordinator. Although Rick is new to Stern, he has over 23 years of experience in the HR field, with even some emphasis in manufacturing and production.

Although Rick is a key part to our team here at Stern, he also has a busy life away from work. Rick is recently engaged and has 4 children, one son, Tim (22) and three daughters, Rikki (20), Hayley (14), and Libbi (13).  Rick and his family enjoy many hobbies together including football, camping, traveling, going to amusement parks, comic books, and most of all bass fishing.  In the Soder house, bass opener is a huge family holiday.  Every year, he and his kids wake up at 4am and head out for a day on the lake that is full of bass, a little gambling, and a lot of fun family time, that Rick cherishes a great deal.

Rick has already proven to be a great asset to our team here at Stern, and with his previous experiences in the military, as well as HR, is a great addition to our already established team here at Stern Rubber. 

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