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Landscaping With Rubber

Posted by Bob on April 28, 2016

edging.jpgWith this early spring here in northern Minnesota, many of us begin to think about sprucing up our yards and doing some landscaping.  Well one way to get a good start on this, is with rubber.  I know it may seem crazy, but recycled rubber products, made mainly from tires, can be used to improve the look of everybody’s property this summer.  From mulch to pavers, rubber has become a leader in landscaping materials.

One of the first landscaping products to come on the market made of recycled tires, was rubber mulch.  This product was initially used as a safe alternative to sand, and wood chips on playgrounds.  Yet today, it has multiple purposes in the landscaping industry, and is mainly used in flower beds, at the base of trees, and rubber-patio-paver.jpg
around homes.  Another recycled rubber product that has taken the landscaping world by storm, is borders.  Rubber borders are popular, due to their ability to flex, and bend, unlike their stone competitors, and most of all they are lighter and easier to install than many other forms of borders.  Along with these rubber products, another that is becoming more popular is rubber pavers. These pavers are fairly inexpensive, soft on your feet, and most of all, easy to install.  Using an almost puzzle piece like, quick lock system, rubber pavers can be installed within a few hours, with much less prep-work than stone.  With these three popular here in the Midwest, there is a fourth form of recycled rubber, and that is poured patios and pool surrounds.  Poured Patio.jpgAlthough there are not many outdoor pools in Minnesota, this rubber product is still used all across the United States.  The patios are made of a mixture of a glue or epoxy and ground/recycled rubber, that offers a soft, yet durable material that is also fairly slip resistant.

With all of these great recycled rubber products available for landscaping, as summer fast approaches, take a less traditional route with your yard work, and add some rubber to your lawn!

Logan Jackson
Stern Rubber Company
Freelance Marketing Assistant
Staples, Minnesota