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Dai Family Visits Stern Rubber Company

Posted by Bob on January 26, 2017

Last week, the Dai family that owns Stern Rubber, IMG_0269s.jpgcame from a visit.  Stern Rubber was purchased by Zhongli North America, which is based in Detroit, in October of 2015.  Zhongli North American is owned by Zhongli Corporation, which is a family run Chinese corporation, that is owned by the Dai Family.  Several members of the family are involved with the day to day operation.  Johnny Dai is the President of Stern Rubber Company, and Zhongli North America.

20170117_165643s.jpgLast week, members of the Dai Family visited the Stern Rubber facilities in Aitkin and Staples.  They spent one afternoon in Aitkin, where they were able to check on the construction of the building addition, and then spent the next day in Staples.  They spent some time in the manufacturing plants, and made sure to take some pictures with many of the employees.


Bob Jackson, President
Stern Rubber Company
General Manager
Staples, Minnesota