Rubber Manufacturing Engineering Support

Engineering support for your molded rubber product.

Molded Rubber Manufacturing from Concept to Delivery

We enjoy helping our customers solve rubber engineering challenges. This may include redesigning a part to improve service life, or to improve manufacturability, developing a new rubber formulation, or simply helping specify a material to ensure the part will survive in its application. Please visit the Resources page for documents that give you more information on choosing the correct material, the correct hardness, or to learn more about our parts, and even the history of rubber.


We understand every decision you make is based on the overarching principle of Return On Investment. That is our core mission: To minimize your investment and maximize your return. We also understand the critical difference between the lowest price and the best value.

One of our core competencies is digging below the ‘unit price surface’ to identify and capture meaningful, long-term cost reduction solutions. Unit price is an important cost factor, but so are PPM’s, fulfillment rates, proper inventory levels, lead-times, shipping costs, tooling costs, and numerous other factors.

By providing our clients with a thorough review of all the various components that influence total cost we can deliver critical ‘hard dollar’ and ‘soft dollar’ savings that will directly impact your bottom-line and strategic objectives. Our promise is to sit down with you to identify opportunities and set realistic targets that assist you in reaching your purchasing goals.

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