Your project’s success: that’s what makes us excited to come to work everyday at Stern Rubber Company. We believe in innovation – finding creative solutions for the unique challenges every rubber manufacturing project brings. We believe in commitment – we work hard until we find the perfect solution for your specific molded rubber or rubber extrusion needs. We have over 50 years of experience to prove it!



Stern Rubber Company understands your reputation is tested with every part you sell and install. That’s why we custom mill all our rubber compounds to your exact requirements, and why our state-of-the-art equipment and bonding techniques set the standard in the industry. From water valves to gaskets, no other company can out-perform Stern Rubber Company in quality and cost-efficiency

Innovation in rubber manufacturing


  • 50+ years of experience molding rubber.
  • 24/7 production capabilities at 3 locations in Minnesota.
  • Over-molding and bonding rubber to other substrates, such as metal, plastic and other rubber parts.
  • Expertise in compression, transfer, injection and extrusion.
  • Quality Assurance lab.
  • Cryogenic deflashing, trimming and inspection.
  • On time deliveries, expanded warehouse and JIT.
  • Engineering assistance and rubber knowledge.
  • Custom compounding and milling our own rubber.
Rubber molding capabilities


  • State of the art injection presses with maximum clamp pressure of 630 tons, maximum platen size of 32” x 43”.
  • Compression presses ranging from 12” x 12” up to 48” x 48” with a maximum of 1350 tons clamp pressure.
  • Sizes range from parts that fit inside a hearing aid, to parts that weigh 750#’s.
  • Run sizes of one piece to millions of parts.