Rubber Extrusion

Rubber extrusion forces rubber through a heated barrel to produce a molded rubber product.


What is rubber extrusion?

Rubber extrusion is a rubber manufacturing technique where rubber is fed into a rotating screw inside of a closely fitted, heated barrel. The screw softens and pressurizes the rubber as it is fed continuously and forced through a die at the end of the rubber extruder. After exiting the rubber extruder, the material is then passed through a microwave, hot-air oven or a salt bath to cure the rubber. The rubber material then goes through a cooling bath before being cut and packed for shipping.

Rubber Extrusion at Stern Rubber Company

Expanded Rubber Extrusion Capabilities

Stern Rubber Company has recently increased extrusion capabilities by adding two 3 1/2" rubber extrusion lines to our facility which is located in Plant 2 in Staples. The chemistry of the rubber formulations is very similar to molded rubber and extruded products. So increasing rubber extrusion capabilities will take advantage of Stern Rubber Company’s vast rubber knowledge and many years of experience.

Oversize Rubber Molding

By also having rubber extrusion molding capabilities, Stern Rubber Company is able to vulcanize the ends of a rubber extrusion together to make frame gaskets or large gaskets that are too large to manufacture by other rubber molding techniques.

Quality Assurance in action on one of Stern's rubber extrusion machines.

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