When to Consider Your Offshore Options

Although Stern Rubber Company encourages buying American Made whenever possible, we realize there are times and occasions where reviewing your offshore options may be necessary to retain a competitive price position. In these cases Stern Rubber Company has the experience and expertise to make this a smooth, seamless transition. Stern Rubber Company has a Supplier Quality Engineer and a Project Manager on location in China to provide on-site sourcing and total end-to-end management of your project.

Making Offshoring Easy

Over the years we have been able to identify the top tier manufacturers in each process. We have established a strong working relationship with these manufacturers, delivering a reliable and cost-effective alternative for our clients.

Stern Rubber Company takes care of all the necessary paperwork including customs, duty, exchange rates, and shipping. All items are shipped per your Purchase Order FOB from our warehouse in Staples, Minnesota.


Keeping purchasing simple – it’s simply what Stern Rubber Company does.

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